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Item Type:Report
Title: Fair Admissions to Higher Education – A Review of the Implementation of the Schwartz Report Principles Three Years On: Report 1 – Executive Summary and Conclusions.
Author: McCaig, C
Author: Bowers-Brown, T
Author: Slack, K
Author: Barley, R
Author: Adnett, N
Author: Cripps, C
Author: Wolstenholme, C
Author: Willis, B
URL http://www.spa.ac.uk/documents/SchwartzReview/Schwartz_Report_Review_Report_1_Final10.12.08.pdf
Date 2008-00-00 2008
Institution Centre for Education and Inclusion Research, Sheffield Hallam University, and Institute for Access Studies, Staffordshire University.
Report Type Report 1 – Executive Summary and Conclusions