''New managerialism''and higher education: The management of performances and cultures in universities in the United Kingdom
A Critical Reflection on the Methodology of Teaching Law to Non-law Students
A firm choice: Law firms'' preferences in the recruitment of trainee solicitors
After Browne: The New Competitive Regime for English Higher Education.
Assessment in universities: A critical review of research
Awareness of Language on BA Programmes
Barrister''s clerk: Entry requirements
Barrister''s clerk: Training
Barrister: Entry requirements
Barrister: Training
Beginner''s Guide to Law
Benchmarking Education Standards
Changes in writing in 16+ English examinations between 1980 and 1994
Chartered legal executive (England and Wales): Training
CILEx Level 6 Diploma in Law and Practice
Class, codes, and control: theoretical studies towards a sociology of language. Volume I
Commission on Devolution in Wales: Second Call for Evidence
Degree of Success - University Chances by Individual School
Demography, discrimination and diversity: a new dawn for the British legal profession?
Dissemination of innovations in higher education: A change theory approach
Education for Democratic Citizenship: a review of research, policy and practice 1995-2005
Enhancement-led Higher Education?
Entry into the legal professions The law student cohort study year 4
Entry qualifications, degree results and value-added in UK universities
Entry Requirements
Examining the Examiners: why are we so bad at assessing students?
Experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans staff and students in higher education
Fair Admissions to Higher Education – A Review of the Implementation of the Schwartz Report Principles Three Years On: Report 1 – Executive Summary and Conclusions.
Fair admissions to higher education: recommendations for good practice. Admissions to Higher Education Review
FAQs. Recruitment & Application Process
From Teaching to Learning — A New Paradigm For Undergraduate Education
Graduate Fast Track Diploma
Half a league onward: The report of the Lord Chancellor''s advisory committee on legal education and conduct
High Standards and Cultural Diversity: Cautionary Tales of Comparative Research—A Comment on “Benchmarking Education Standards” by Lauren B. Resnick, Katherine J. Nolan, and Daniel P. Resnick
Higher Education in Wales: The (Re-) emergence of a National System?
Institute of Paralegals - Career Path
Legal executive (England and Wales): Entry requirements
Level 3 Certificate & Professional Diploma in Law and Practice
Licensed conveyancer: Entry requirements
Licensed conveyancer: Job description
Licensed conveyancer: Training
Local Knowledge: Further Essays in Interpretive Anthropology.
Making a difference? The use (and abuse) of diversity management at the UK''s elite law firms
Managing in Higher Education: The ‘Wicked Issues’
More trouble than it''s worth
Problem-based Learning: A Total Approach to Education
Protocol for managing potential risks to quality and academic standards
Qualitative Analysis: Practice and Innovation
Re-Thinking Science: Knowledge and the Public in an Age of Uncertainty
Reflections on the transition from elite to mass to universal access: Forms and phases of higher education in modern societies since WWII
Reframing Legal Education''s Wicked Problems
Report on an Inquiry Into Applications for Admission to Universities
Scaling Up “Evidence-Based” Practices for Teachers Is a Profitable but Discredited Paradigm
Securing a Sustainable Future for Higher Education: An Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance
Should there be a three-strikes rule against pure discovery learning
So you want to be a lawyer?
Solicitor: Entry requirements
Solicitor: Job description
Solicitor: Training
Solicitors Regulation Authority - Qualifying law degree providers
SPA Report on Admissions Tests used by Higher Education Institutions
Statistics: an introductory analysis
Taylor Wessing - Graduate Recruitment Programme: FAQs
Teaching for Quality Learning at University: What the Student does
The 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review and Higher Education
The Construction of Negotiated Meaning: A Social Cognitive Tehory of Writing
The Effect of Institutional Culture on Change Strategies in Higher Education Universal Principles or Culturally Responsive Concepts?
The Future of College Admissions: Discussion
The Higher Education System: Academic Organization in Cross-national Perspective
The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out
The Knowledge Worker, the Manager-academic and the Contemporary UK University: New and Old Forms of Public Management?
The levels of attainment in literacy and numeracy of 13- to 19-year-olds in England, 1948-2009
The role of standardized admission tests in the debate about merit, academic standards, and affirmative action.
UCAS End of Cycle report 2012
UCAS reports 3.5% increase in applications to higher education
Undergraduate degree
Understanding academic culture and climate
Universities and constitutional change in the UK: the impact of devolution on the higher education sector
Validity and Qualitative Research: An Oxymoron?
Variations in Aspects of Writing in 16+ English Examinations between 1980 and 2004. Vocabulary, Spelling, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Non-Standard English
What are Universities for?