20 Years of Higher Education Policy in the Uniterd Kingdom: Looking Back 10 Years and Forward to the Next Decade.
A Long Path to Divergence: English and Scottish Policies on Tuition Fees
A second survey of legal education in the United Kingdom
A second survey of legal education in the United Kingdom, Supplement 1.
A second survey of legal education in the United Kingdom, Supplement 2.
A social constructivist assessment process model: how the research literature shows us this could be best practice
A survey of law schools in the United Kingdom, 1996
A survey of law schools in the United Kingdom, 2004
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A survey of legal education in the United Kingdom
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A third survey of university legal education in the United Kingdom
A View from Within the English Further Education Sector on the Provision of Higher Education: Issues of Verticality and Agency
Assessing Competence in the Professions
Bar Barometer: Trends in the Profile of the Bar.
Behind the headlines. Are the Changes to Higher Education Funding in England Cost-effective?
Bringing it all together: introducing the HEAR
Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS) Post-Implementation Review: Final Statement on Findings.
Consumer and producer perspectives on legal education
Critical Issues and Common Pitfalls in Designing and Conducting Impact Studies in Education: Lessons Learned From the What Works Clearinghouse (Phase I)
Degree Classifications in English, Welsh and Northern Irish Universities: Trends, 1994-95 to 1998-99
Devolution and higher education: impact and future trends
Dilemmas in a general theory of planning
Education Review
Entry into the Legal Professions: The Law Student Cohort Study, Year 3
Epistemic Dependence
Evidence Submitted by the Welsh Government to the Commission on Devolution in Wales (WG 17568)
Final Report 1998-1999
Financial Implications of the Comprehensive spending Review & Browne Review
Fortresses and footholds: Emerging market growth strategies, practices and outlooks
From a Gentlemen''s to a Public Profession: Status and Politics in the history of English Solicitors
From Cramming to Skills - the Development of Solicitors'' Education and Training since Ormrod
From Grants for All to Loans for All: Undergraduate Finance from the Implementation of the Anderson Report (1962) to the Implementation of the Browne Report (2012)
From Kinship to Magic Circle: the London Commercial Law Firm in the Twentieth Century
From Robbins to McKinsey
Grading Students Achievement in Higher Education: Signals and Shortcomings
Half a league onward: The report of the Lord Chancellor''s advisory committee on legal education and conduct
Higher Education in England. Impact of the 2012 Reforms
Higher education in Scotland and England after devolution
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Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the System. An Analysis of the Higher Education White Paper - HEPI
Higher Learning, Greater Good: The Private and Social Benefits of Higher Education
Historical discourse.
History is Past Politics: A Critique of the Legal Skills Movement in England and Wales
How Institutions Evolve: The Political Economy of Skills in Germany, Britain, the United States and Japan
ICOB Review Interim Report: Consumer Experiences and Outcomes in General Insurance Markets.
In Defence of Public Higher Education
Increasing university income from home and overseas students: what impact for social mobility?
Inexact Sciences: Professional Education and the Development of Expertise
Institutions and Organizations
International students in UK higher education: Key statistics
Jackson''s Machinery of Justice
Law reform now
Law Scenarios to 2030: Signposting the legal space of the future
Legal Education - What Should Not Be Done
Legal Education in England and Wales
Legal education, legal competence and Little Bo Peep*
Legal Educationn and Training: a practical Guide for Law firms
Leila''s working day: One of the futures for legal education
Looking at Cities
Managing transport risks: what works? Paper for Risk Theory Handbook.
Misunderstanding Modern Higher Education: Eight “category mistakes”
New Wine in Old Bottles or New wine in New Bottles?
On the Margins or Moving into the Mainstream? Higher Education in Further Education in England
Pericles and the Plumber
Policy-Participation Trajectories in English Higher Education
Postmodern Professions? The Fragmentation of Legal Education and the Legal Profession
Private Providers in UK Higher Education: Some Policy Options
Professional work, professional careers and legal education: Educating the lawyer for 2010
Radicals and Refugees: The Foundation of the Modern Law Review and English Legal Scholarship.
Recalculation of the Critical Values for Lawshe’s Content Validity Ratio
Reflexive approaches to corporate governance: the case of Heathrow Terminal 5
Regulatory documents-The General Conditions of Recognition
Shaping the Future of Legal Education 2: Findings of the Legal Education Review Working Group
Small wins: Redefining the scale of social problems
Standards and the Welsh language: What are your views?
The Boulevard Book: History, Evolution, Design of Mulitway Boulevards
The Cambridge Multisectoral Dynamic Model of the British Economy
The Coming Crisis in Legal Education
The cost of the Government''s reforms of the financing of higher education
The evoloution of legal education: internationalization, transnationalization, globalization
The first-year experience of higher education in the UK
The Future of the University
The Independent Review of Higher Education Funding: an analysis
The law society''s training framework review: On the straight and narrow or the long and winding road?
The learning professions
The Marketisation of Higher Education and the Student as Consumer
The marketised university: defending the indefensible
The Open Method of Coordination as practice: A watershed in European education policy?
The Operation of the Market in Higher Education: Opportunities and Constraints, Experience and Ideology
The twenty-first century law student
The university of crisis
The university, state, and market: The political economy of globalization in the Americas
The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom
Tomorrow''s Law Schools: Globalization and Legal Education
Top-Up Loans for Students. Cm 520.
Training for the Management of Human Resources
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Training the lawyers of the future - a regulator''s view
Trends in the solicitors’ profession. Annual statistical report 2010
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