A First Class Legal Profession: A Common Bar Course to Transform the Training of New Entrants to the Malaysian Legal Profession
An e-leanring appraisal
Back to the Future - Not Rocket Science: Some Thoughts on 20 Years of Consultations on the Future of the BVC and Pupillage
Bar Professional Training Course: Course Specification Requirements and Guidance
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Common Best Practice Code for High Quality Internships
Developing alternative models of professional education—a response to ACLEC
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Educating Professionals and Professional Education in a Geographical Context
Hitting the ground running? Does the Legal Practice Course prepare students adequately for the Training Contract?
Lawyers'' wellbeing and professional legal education
Learning verve
Legal Education and Vocational Preparation
Legal Practice Course Teachers: what can their stories tell us?
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Looking to the past to plan for the future: a decade of practical legal training
Pupillage and the Vocational Course
Response of the Association of Law Teachers to the Training Framework Review Third Consultation. ALT response to TFR.
Review of The Bar Vocational Course. Report of the Working Group (BVC Review: Wood Report)
Route Minders
Second Consultation on a New Training Framework for Solicitors
Studying for the Bar : the students'' evaluation of the new vocational course at the Council of Legal Education
The Bar Vocational Course (Couse Specification, standards and pupillage)
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Theory and practice in professional legal education