"Patterns of participation in year 12 and higher education in Australia"
''Bettering Yourself''? Discourses of Risk, Cost and Benefit in Ethnically Diverse, Young Working-Class Non-Participants'' Constructions of Higher Education
''Edinburgh, Exeter, East London - or employment?'' A review of research on young people''s higher education choices
''Ethnic choosing'': Minority Ethnic Students, Social Class and Higher Education Choice
''I don''t want to go to a crummy little university'': social class, higher education choice and the paradox of widening participation
''I''m Not One of Those Women''s Libber Type People but...'': Gender, Class and Professional Power within the Third Branch of the English Legal Profession
''It''s Taking Me a Long Time but I''ll Get There in the End'': Mature Students on Access Courses and Higher Education Choice
''What are you doing here? You should be working in a hair salon or something'': outsider status and professional socialization in the solicitors’ profession
A diverse workforce that understands its diverse clients
A Family Affair: Intergenerational Social Mobility across OECD Countries
A Firm Choice: Law Firms'' Preferences in the Recruitment of Trainee Solicitors
A Legal Aristocracy? Recruitment Practices and Elite Reproduction in English Global Law Firms.
A multicultural Curriculum Design for Living in the 21st Century
A multilevel study of the relationships between diversity training, ethnic discrimination and satisfaction in organizations
A Survey of Law School Admissions
A Transgenerational Model of Status Attainment: the Potential Mediating Role of School Motivation and Education
Access agreement and widening participation strategic assessment monitoring. Outcomes for 2009-10
Access and Participation in Undergraduate Legal Education
Access students and widening participation
Access to Legal Work Experience - Interim Findings
Access to legal work experience and its role in the (re)production of legal professional identity
Accessing Higher Education: The Influence of Cultural and Social Capital on University Choice
Admission Tests for Law School: Some Cautionary Remarks
Alone again: ethics after certainty
An accessible legal profession working in the public interest: Dream or reality?
An Analysis of First Experience Students'' Financial Awareness and Attitude to Debt in a Post-1992 UK University
An empirical method for deriving grade equivalence for university entrance qualifications: an application to A levels and the International Baccalaureate
Aptitude test for aspiring lawyers will reduce diversity, report claims
Aptitude tests: right idea, wrong time?
Aptitude Tests: Some Evidence
Aptitude Tests: the BSB gives some answers
Aptitude Tests: when will they have worked?
Are There Economic Incentives for Non-Traditional Students to Enter HE? The Labour Market as a Barrier to Widening Participation
At the Edge of Law: Emergent and Divergent Models of Legal Professionalism
Barriers to the Legal Profession
Becoming professional: when and how does it start? A comparative study of first-year medical and law students in the UK
Beyond the stable state: Public and private learning in a changing society
British South Asians and Pathways Into Selective Schooling: Social Class, Culture and Ethnicity
Call for evidence by Alan Milburn on child poverty and social mobility: Response from the Bridge Group
Can''t Live with ''Em; Can''t Live without ''Em: Gendered Segmentation in the Legal Profession
Capitalizing on Culture: How Cultural Capital Shapes Educational Experiences and Outcomes
Career Paths and Choices in a Highly Differentiated Profession: The Position of Newly Qualified Solicitors
Careers Barriers Action Plan
Choices of Degree or Degrees of Choice? Class, ‘Race’ and the Higher Education Choice Process
CILEx and Social Mobility
CILEx General Policy statements on equality and diversity
Class Inequalities in Education in the Twentieth Century
COMBAR Menu Of Options Of Suggested Positive Action Which Can Be Taken To Try To Address Unjustifiable Under-Representation Of Women And Black And Ethnic Minority Groups In Chambers
Cultural Capital and Social Exclusion: Some Observations on Recent Trends in Education, Employment and the Labour Market
Deciding for or Against Participation in Higher Education: The Views of Young People from Lower Social Class Backgrounds
Degree Attainment, Ethnicity and Gender: A Literature Review.
Degree Performance as a Function of Age, Gender, Prior Qualifications and Discipline Studied
Degrees of choice: social class, race, gender and higher education
Demand for Higher Education to 2020
Demography, Discrimination and Diversity: A New Dawn for the British Legal Profession
Deputy Prime Minister tells lawyers ILEX is “a huge part of the solution” to diversity problem
Determinants of Undergraduate Student Drop Out Rates in a University Business Studies Department
Differences by degree: Evidence of the net financial rates of return to undergraduate study for England and Wales
Disability and the Wider Access Agenda: Supporting Disabled Students in Different Institutional Contexts
Discrimination and harassment in law firms
Diversity and Inclusion Annual Review 2011
Diversity and Inclusion Annual Review 2012
Diversity and Inclusion Charter: Annual Report 2010
Diversity in the Legal Profession in England and Wales: A Qualitative Stufy of Barriers and Individual Choices
Diversity Initiatives of Approved Regulators
Diversity Staff and the Dynamics of Diversity Policy-Making in Large Law Firms
Diversity Statistics
Diversity training: Putting theory into practice
Diversity, equality and higher education: a critical reflection on the ab/uses of equity discourse within widening participation
Diversity, Gender and Widening Participation in Global Higher Education: A Feminist Perspective.
Does the fear of debt constrain choice of university and subject of study?
Does the Fear of Debt Deter Students from Higher Education?
Dropping Out of University: A Statistical Analysis of the Probability of Withdrawal for UK University Students
Educated the Expensive Way: Legal Profession''s elitism Gap Widens
Education and the middle class
Education Mobility in England - The link between the education levels of parents and the educational outcomes of teenagers.
Educational Inequality and the Expansion of UK Higher Education
Elite Higher Education Admissions in the Arts and Sciences: Is Cultural Capital the Key?
English Univrsities, Additional Fee Income and Access Agreements: Their Impact on Widening Participation and Fair Access
Entry into the Legal Professions
Entry to the solicitor''s profession 1980-2011
Entry to the Solicitors'' Profession 1980-2010
Entry to, and Retention in, the Legal Profession: A Discussion Paper
Equality and Diversity Rules of the Code of Conduct
Equality and Diversity Training
Equality Impact Assessment Guidance
Equality Report and Proposed Equality Objectives
Ethnic Diversity in Law firms: Understanding the barriers
Ethnic Minorities and Higher Education: Why are there Differential Rates of Entry?
Ethno-religious Background as a Determinant of Educational and Occupational Attainment in Britain
Examining Institutional Barriers that Impede Access to Legal Education
Examining the effectiveness of the undergraduate law curriculum in preparing black Caribbean students for entry into the legal profession
Excellence and diversity: Admissions policies in law schools
Expansion of higher education and the implications for demographic class formation in Britain
Factors affecting the probability of first year medical student dropout in the UK: a logistic analysis for the intake cohorts of 1980–92
Failing Working-class Girls
False Uniqueness: the Self-Perception of New Entrants to Higher Education in the UK and Its Implications for Access ? a Pilot Study
Fees and student support under the new higher education funding regime: what are universities doing? IFS Briefing Notes
FINAL REPORT “How can professional associations embed awareness and support for diversity in their organisations?” For the Department for Innovation, Universities & Skills
First Generation Entry into Higher Education: An International Study
Flight from Law: A Competing Risks Model of Departures from Law Firms
From FE to HE: Studies in Transition: A comparison of students entering higher education with academic and vocational qualifications
Gender and earnings in private practice
Gender Gaps in Higher Education Participation: An Analysis of the Relationship between Prior Attainment and Young Participation by Gender, Socio-Economic Class and Ethnicity
Gender Inequality in Law: Problems of Structure and Agency in Recent Studies of Gender in Anglo-American Legal Professions
General Council of the Bar Exit Survey 2011
Half of A-level students shun university
Have Bursaries Influenced Choices Between Universities?
HEFCE widening participation and fair access research strategy
Help or hindrance? Higher education and the route to ethnic equality
Heterogeneity in Professional Service Firms
Higher Education and Equality of Opportunity: Cross-national Perspectives
Higher education’s many diversities: of students, institutions and experiences; and outcomes?
House of Commons - Widening participation in higher education
Improving the Retention of Students from Lower Socio-economic Groups
Increasing diversity and social mobility in the legal workforce: transparency and evidence. LSB response document and accompanying statutory guidance issued under Section 162 of the Legal Services Act 2007
Intergenerational Mobility in Europe and North America. A Report Supported by the Sutton Trust
IP attorney litigators: will they fly or die?
Law candidates ''not good enough''
Leaving university early: exploring the differences between continuing and non‐continuing students
Legal profession frets about diversity and oversupply
LNATs and aptitude tests: what’s good got to do with it?
London''s Legal Elite: recruitment through cultural capital and the reproduction of social exclusivity in City professional service fields
Lost at the Starting Gate: An Investigation into the Psycho-social Causes of Withdrawal from Access Courses
LSB publishes aptitude testing research
Making a difference? The use (and abuse) of diversity management at the UK''s elite law firms
Making It In and Making Out: Women in Professional Occupations in Britain and France
Making sense of gender in the study of legal professions
Maximally Maintained Inequality: Expansion, Reform, and Opportunity in Irish Education
Minority and Social Diversity in Legal Education in Scotland
Minority Ethnic Attainment and Participation in Education and Training: The Evidence
Moral Responsibility in the Age of Bureaucracy
Multi-Layered Analysis of Turkish Cypriot Female Solicitors'' career trajectory in North London
National strategy
New directions: Young people’s and parents’ views of vocational education and careers guidance
New research on aptitude tests warns of potential inherent bias
No Bar to the Bar: Barristers promoting social mobility
Non-Meritocratic Job Requirements and the Reproduction of Class Inequality: An Investigation
Notaries - A Profession Between State and Market
Notaries in England and Wales: Modernising a profession frozen in time
Obstacles and Barriers to the career development of woman solicitors
Occupational Inheritance: The Role of Cultural Capital and Gender
Opening Doors, Breaking Barriers: A Strategy for Social Mobility
Opening Doors: Social Mobility and the bar
Parenthood and Commitment to the Legal Profession: Are Mothers less committed than Fathers?
Part-time law students: The forgotten cohort?
Participation in Higher Education: A Study to Determine Whether the Higher Education Initial Participation Rate Should be Disaggregated
Partners in Participation: integrated approaches to widening access in higher education
Paying for University: The Impact of Increasing Costs on Student Employment, Debt and Satisfaction
Persistent Barriers: Inequality of Educational Opportunity in 13 Countries
Power, assumptions and prescriptions: a critique of widening participation policy-making
Preferential Treatment, Social Justice, and the Part-time Law Student - The Case for the Value-added Part-time Law Degree
Prejudice Reduction: What Works? A Review and Assessment of Research and Practice
Process evaluation of a diversity training program: The value of a mixed method strategy
Professional and Financial Services Cluster Report
Progress on widening participation in HE
Pulling Structured Inequality into Higher Education: the Impact of Part-Time Working on English University Students
Raising the Bar: The Gender Stratification of Law Firm Capital
Recent developments
Report for Panel on Fair Access to the Professions: Response from PARN Members to the Call for Evidence
Research reveals Widening Social Divide in the Profession.
Responding to the new landscape for university access
Results of the 2011/2012 Notaries Diversity Questionnaire
Reviewing Diversity Training: Where We Have Been and Where We Should Go
Routine Diversity Monitoring of the Supplier Base
Sets impose diversity training regime on clerks
Social and political participation of blacks
Social Class and Educational Attainment: A Comparative Study of England, Wales, and Scotland
Social Class and Entry into the Solicitors'' Profession
Social exclusion and exclusion from school in England
Social mobility and class structure in modern Britain
Social mobility and exclusion in the legal profession
Social Mobility Strategy - Russell Group comment
Social Mobility through Higher Education. Bridging the Gaps: Current Issues and Focus for 2011/12
Social Mobility Toolkit for the professions
Social Mobility: A Literature Review
Social Origins and Academic Performance at University
Solicitors Regulation Authority: Commissioned Research into Issues of Disproportionality
Solicitors Regulation Authority: Research into Issues of Disproportionality - Initial Interim Report
Sources of the Self. The Making of the Modern Identity
Staying the course: The retention of students in higher education
Stretching the academy : the politics and practice of widening participation in higher education
Student retention in higher education: the role of institutional habitus
That Obscure Object of Desire: Sex Equality and the Legal Profession
The "Cooling-Out" Function in Higher Education
The ''Third Wave'': Education and the Ideology of Parentocracy
The 2003 UK Government Higher Education White Paper: a critical assessment of its implications for the access and widening participation agenda
The academic attainment of students with disabilities in UK higher education
The Asymmetric Society
The Business of Equality in the Solicitors'' Profession
The career experience of LGB solicitors
The Competition for Pupillages at the Bar of England and Wales (2000-2004)
The deterrent effect of the LNAT with particular reference to issues of widening participation: a review of the evidence. Report to the LNAT Consortium
The Distributional Impact of the 2012–13 Higher Education Funding Reforms in England
The Dynamics of School Attainment of England''s Ethnic Minorities
The Economic and Distributional Implications of Current Policies on Higher Education
The Educational Attainments of Ethnic Minorities in Britain
The Educational Backgrounds of Leading Lawyers, Journalists, Vice Chancellors, Politicians, Medics and Chief Executives.
The Educational Backgrounds of the UK''s Top Solicitors, Barristers and Judges
The Feminisation of Professional Groups in Comparative Perspective: Some Theoretical Considerations
The Financial Rewards of Elite Status in the Legal Profession
The Gender Stratification of Income Inequality among Lawyers
The Impact of High Education Finance on University Participation in the UK
The Impact of Increased Fees on Participation in Higher Education in England
The impact of paid and unpaid work and of student debt on experience of higher education
The Intergenerational Social Mobility of Minority Ethnic Groups
The Law as a Sex-Typed Profession
The Missing 3000: State school students under-represented at leading universities
The paradoxical processes of feminization in the professions: the case of established, aspiring and semi-professions
The past, present and future of widening participation research
The Poverty of Students
The profile of pupil barristers at the Bar of England and Wales 2004-2008
The Social Class Gap for Educational Achievement: A Review of the Literature
The social structure of the 14–16 curriculum in England
The Strategic Use of Demand-side Diversity Pressure in the Solicitors'' Profession
The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom
The Widening Socio-Economic Gap in UK Higher Education
The Zombie Stalking English Schools: Social Class and Educational Inequality
Times Higher Education - Mind the gap
To Have or To Be?
Trends in young participation in higher education: core results for England
Tuition Hikes will damage Diversity Efforts
Two plus two equals financial education—the financial services authority and consumer education
Understanding Mass Higher Education: Comparative Perspectives on Access
University Challenge: How Higher Education Can Advance Social Mobility
Unleashing Aspiration: The Final Report of the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions
Valuing Diversity and Widening Participation: The Experiences of Access to Social Work Students in Further and Higher Education
What Female Attorneys of Color want
Where Shall We Widen It? Higher Education and the Age Participation Rate in Wales
Who Care about the White Working Class?
Why the Difference? A Closer Look at Higher Education Minority Ethnic Students and Graduates
Widening Participation and Higher Education
Widening Participation and the European Union: direct action - indirect policy?
Widening Participation in Higher Education by Ethnic Minorities, Women and Alternative Students
Widening participation in higher education: a quantitative analysis
Widening Participation in Higher Education: Analysis using Linked Administrative Data
Widening participation in higher education: mapping and investigating the stakeholder landscape
Widening participation in higher education: support at the further education/higher education interface and its impact on the transition and progression of advanced GNVQ students – a research report
Widening participation in higher education; Fourth Report of Session 2008-09
Will the Cambridge pre-U slay grade inflation?
Women Solicitors as a Barometer for Problems within the Legal Profession ? Time to Put Values before Profits?
Working-class Men''s Constructions of Masculinity and Negotiations of (Non)Participation in Higher Education
Young Participation in Higher Education
Young, gifted and blocked! Entry to the solicitors’ profession
‘It''s a struggle’: the construction of the ‘new student’ in higher education
‘Managing’ disability: early experiences of university students with disabilities