"I intend to do very well in it": the road(s) to competence
A new framework for work based learning Consultation
Access to legal work experience and its role in the (re) production of legal professional identity
Alternative pupillage : the issues
Analysis of work based learning pilot
Approaches to Learning at Work and Workplace Climate
Assessment of Work Based learning Applications
Change and Continuity in Apprenticeship: The resilience of a model of learning
Consultation: Work based learning outcomes and scheme
Creating and Using Knowledge: an analysis of the differentiated nature of workplace learning environments
Credit-mapping: validating work-based training using action learning outcomes
Developing Professional Knowledge and Competence
Developing the next generation: training from recruitment to qualificaiton and beyond
Final evaluation of the Work-Based Learning (WBL) pilot
How professionals learn in practice: an investigation of informal learning amongst people working in professions
Ivory Tower to Concrete Jungle revisited
Ivory Tower to Concrete Jungle: The Difficult Transition from the Academy to the Workplace as Learning Environments
Learning and professional practice: A study of four professions
Learning through work: an empirical study of legal internship
Measuring law firm culture
Organisational infliences upon the development of occupational expertise throughout the career
Principals in Practice: The Importance of Mentorship in the Early Stages of Career Development
Progression to higher education: the voice of the apprentice
Proposed Revised International Education Standard IES 5, Practical Experience Requirements for Aspiring Professional Accountants
SRA Final Report. Evaluation, Work Based Learning Scheme Pilot, Cohort 1, 2008-2010
Starting practice : work and training at the junior Bar
The experience of training to be a City lawyer
The Significance of Work Allocation in the Professional Apprenticeship of Solicitors
Training and the process of professional development
Work Based Learning Handbook