2010 –11 IfL review of CPD. CPD for the future: the networked professional
2011 CPD Scheme
2011-2012 Directory and Handbook
2012 Reporting Year Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Requirement Accreditation Criteria For Professionalism Hours
2nd Consultation on Litigators Rights
A joint statement on continuing professional development for health and social care practitioners
A Model Continuing Professional Development Scheme for Australian Lawyers
A Proposed Scheme of Mandatory Continuing Professional development (CPD)
A Quick Guide to CPD
A Study of the Continuing Legal Education Needs of Beginning Solicitors
ABA Center for Continuing Legal Education
About CLEreg
Accountants'' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Mandatory Continuing Professional Education
Accredited Employers Guidance
Achievement and Monitoring of PD
Analysis of responses to BSB Consultation on CPD and recommendations of the Steering Group
Analysis of Survey of Professional Body Members on Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) as providers of CPD, and online delivery
Annual Report of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 2010/2011
Approaches to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Measurement
Approaches to CPD Measurement
Architects Code: Standards of Conduct and Practice 2010 Version
Association for Continuing Legal Education About ACLEA
Back to school
Back to School: Technology is changing the way that solicitors are trained and continuing their professional devlopnment
Becoming an external CPD provider Guidance on applying for authorisation
Becoming an in-house CPD provider
Building a safe and confident future: One year on Developing a coherent and effective framework for the continuing professional development of social workers December
Building Self-assurance: Policy for Members'' CPD
CCBE Model Scheme for Continuing Professional Training
CCBE Recommendation on Continuing Training
Central, local and individual continuing professional development (CPD) priorities: changing policies of CPD in Wales
CEPLIS Training Working Group
CHE - Monitoring the state of higher education
CILEx Accredited Centre Handbook for 2012/2013
CIMA''s CPD Policy
CIMA''s CPD policy professional development resource guide.
Claims Management Services Regulation: Conduct of Authorised Persons Rules 2007.
Code of Ethics
Code of Practice for the provision of Regulated Claims Management Services by Trade Unions
Competent Ministry: A Guide to Effective Continuing Education
Compliance with CPD Regulations - Guidance Notes (Jan 2010).
Compliance with CPD Regulations “A General Guide to CPD”
Conceptualising continuing professional development: compliance, pedestrianism and decontextualisation or richer notions of learning and practice?
Consultation – June 2012 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Revised Scheme and Documentation
Continuing Competence Review a Strategic Priority
Continuing Learning in the Professions
Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia
Continuing Legal Education Regulators Association
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional development
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional development
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Practitoner-level standards
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Regulations and Guidance Notes 2011
Continuing Professional Development and Your Registration
Continuing Professional Development Best Practice Guidance
Continuing Professional Development Code
Continuing Professional Development for assurance of continuing fitness to practise Consultation Document 2012
Continuing Professional Development for BC Lawyers
Continuing Professional Development for Dentists
Continuing Professional Development for Dentists
Continuing Professional Development for Engineers: UK and European Dynamics
Continuing Professional Development for Psychiatrists: Surveying Current Practice
Continuing Professional Development for Solicitors and Barristers: A Second Report on Legal Education and Training (ACLEC Report 2)
Continuing Professional Development Guidelines
Continuing Professional Development Handbook
Continuing Professional Development in Nursing: does Age Matter
Continuing Professional Development in the Irish Legal Profession: An exploratory Study
Continuing Professional Development in the Legal Profession: A Practice-based Learning Perspective
Continuing Professional development in the solicitors'' profession (research study 32)
Continuing Professional Development in the UK: Policies and Programme
Continuing Professional Development Information for Barristers
Continuing Professional Development Investing in Your Future
Continuing Professional Development points guidelines for Fellows and persons enrolled in other Institute categories
Continuing Professional Development Policy
Continuing Professional development Quick Guide
Continuing Professional Development Record Card 2012
Continuing Professional Development Regulations 2010
Continuing Professional Development Regulations 2013
Continuing Professional Development Regulations [2009]
Continuing Professional Development Scheme
Continuing professional development scheme 2012/2013 (version 1)
Continuing Professional Development the international perspective
Continuing Professional Development: Evaluation of Good Practice
Continuing Professional Development: Key Decisions
Continuing Professional Development: Perceptions from New Zealand and Australian Accounting Academics
Continuing Professional Developnment. A look at the recent BSB Clementi Debate on CPD
Continuing Professional Education
Continuing professional education and the discipline reviews
Continuing professional education in transition, 1981-2000
Continuing Training in the CCBE Full Member Countries: Summary.
Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Table
Contuinuing Professional Development: Developing a Vision
Copntinuing Professional Development for Dental Care Professionals
CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Guidance for Members.
CPD Accountants
CPD and Practice
CPD and Qualification/Registration Regulations Response to Consultation
CPD and “Good” Practice
CPD Continuing Professional Development Guidance Booklet
CPD Criteria
CPD Handbook 2011
CPD Handbook 2012
CPD Handbook 2013
CPD Information Pack
CPD Information Pack
CPD practice note - 14 September 2011
CPD Programme
CPD Requirement
CPD Requirements
CPD Requirements
CPD Requirements and Guidance for Registered Paralegals
CPD Requirements and Guidance for Scottish Solicitors
CPD Rules
CPD, Continuing Professional Development: What is CPD?
CPD: More than a compliance issue
Critical Issues in CPD
Critical Issues Summit Equipping Our Lawyers: Law School Education, Continuing Legal Education, and Legal Practice in the 21st Century
Critical Issues Summit. Equipping our Lawyers: Law School Education, Continuing Legal Education and Legal Practice in the 21st Century
Das Fortbildungszertifikat
Develop Yourself CIPR CPD
Draft CPD Guidance for Consultation
Draft CPD Handbook
Draft Handbook for Continuing Professional Development
Draft Lawyers And Conveyancers Act (Lawyers: Ongoing Legal Education) Rules
Décision à caractère normatif portant délibération sur les modalités d''application de la formation continue des avocats
Education and Training Requirements
Emerging policy trends: some implications for continuing professional development
Evaluating the Impact of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Exploring the contribution of workplace learning to an HRD strategy in the Scottish legal profession
Extending the theory-practice spiral: Action research as a mechanism for crossing the academic/professional divide
Final Pronouncement International Education Standard (IES) 7 Continuing Professional Development (redrafted)
Final Report of the Education and Training Regulation Policy Review: Recommendations and Options for the Future Regulation of Education and Training
Foire aux Questions! Mandatory Continuing Education
Framework for continuing professional development
Frameworks: The CLC’s Operating Parameters
Fresh Thinking on CPD The Value of What You Do
Good Psychiatric Practice. Continuing Professional Development (2010)
Guide to the Revalidation of Professional Competence
How do we represent lifelong professional learnng?
Impact Evaluation of CPD
Impact of CPD in Dentistry: a Literature Review
Information on CPD
Institute of Continuing Professional Development
Jiont Report to Convocation
Joint Report to Convocation
Key Facts and Trends in the Accountancy Profession
Law Society of Alberta. Evaluation of the Continuing Professional Development Program Summary Report.
Legal Practitioners (Risk Management Education) Rules
Maintaining Quality and Impact of CPD in Dentistry: A discussion document.
Managing your CPD
National Legal Profession Reform: Proposed CPD Advisory Committee
NMC Prep Handbook
Notaries (Post-Admission) Rules 2009
Nurses’ Experience of Continuing Professional Development
Overview of the International Education Standards Revision Project
Parsing the Law Society of Upper Canada''s Kafkaesque CPD Requirements
Plan de Formación presencial y on line Abogacía Española-LA LEY
Practice Management
Principles of Notarial Ethics
Professional Development Cycle
Professional Developments (PD) Code
Professional Standards Bodies: Standards, Levels of Compliance and Measuring Success. A Report for the Financial Services Authority
Professions, Standards and Competence, a Survey of Continuing Education for the Professions
Proposal for a Mandatory Continuing Professional Development(CPD) System for Attorneys
Putting evidence into practice: an evidence-based approach to continuing professional development
Re-thinking continuing professional development through changing metaphors and location in professional practices
Recommendation on Continuing Training.
Registered Attorneys Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
Registrant and provider Perspectives on Mandatory CPD in Dentistry in the UK
Reglement du 16 Mai 2011 Relatif a la Formation Continue des Avocates
Regular Review of Your CPD Plan Meets Ethical Obligations
Regulating Competencies: Is CPD Working?
Regulating Europe''s Roaming Doctors
Regulation 18 – Continuing professional development (CPD)
Regulations on Continuous Professional Development
Report to Convocation January 26, 2012
Requirements of ICSA''s CPD Scheme
Research Project. Regulating Competencies: Is CPD Working?
Research Report on Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Commissioned by the Law Society of South Africa
Resolutions adopted at the 66th Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Bar held at Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (Saturday, 10 Mar 2012) Resolution regarding mandatory Continuing Professional Development Scheme
Responses to the Second Consultation on Replacement of the CIPA Higher Courts Qualification Regulations and the ITMA Trade Mark Litigator and Trade Mark Advocate Certificate Regulations
Revalidation for Dentists: Our Proposals
Revalidation Guidance for Psychiatrists (Council Report CR172).
Review of Continuing Professional Development Consultation Paper on the proposed new system for CPD
Review of CPD: Report of the Working Group
Review of the GMC’s Role in Doctors’ Continuing Professional Development: Final Report.
Rules of the Danish Bar and Law3 Society
Rules of the Law Society of Alberta
Senior Solicitors and Their Participation in Continuing Legal Education
Should doctors get CME points for reading? Yes: relaxing documentation doesn’t imply relaxing accountability
Solicitors Regulation Authority: CPD Review
Solicitors'' CPD: time to change from regulatory stick to regulatory carrot?
SRA Authorisation Rules for Legal Services Bodies and Licensable Bodies 2011
SRA Training Regulations 2011 Part 2 - Training Provider Regulations
Standards for Continuing Professional Development
Synthesis report Schools and continuing professional development (CPD) in England – State of the Nation research project (T34718)
Teaching Old Partners New Tricks
The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ (AoMRC) template for Reflection
The Continuing Professional development of Teachers in Wales: International and Professional Contexts
The CPD Regulations
The Effectiveness of Continuing Professional Development A report prepared on behalf of College of Emergency Medicine, Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians and Manchester Metropolitan University
The European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME)
The Further Education Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development and Registration (England) Regulations 2007
The General Chiropractic Council (Continuing Professional Development) Rules Order of Council 2004
The General Dental Council (Continuing Professional Development) (Professions Complementary to Dentistry) Rules Order of Council 2008
The General Osteopathic Council (Continuing Professional Development) Rules Order of Council 2006
The General Pharmaceutical Council (Continuing Professional Development and Consequential Amendments) Rules Order of Council 2011
The need for a conceptual framework for continuing professional development for lawyers
The Notaries (Continuing Professional Education) Regulations 2010
The Patent Regulation Board and the Trade Mark Regulation Board CPD Survey – Results.
The Relationship Between Continuing Professional Education and Commitment to Nursing
The Review of Continuing Professional Development Consultation
The Role of Mentoring in the CPD Programmes of Professional Associations
The Swedish Regime for Continuing Professional Training of Advocates
The Value And Valuing Of Continuing Professional Development: Current Dilemmas, Future Directions And The Case For Action Research
To be continued ...
Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur la formation continue
Training and CPD Rules
Training the lawyers of the future – A regulator’s view
Trends and Issues in Continuing Professional Education
Unabhängig und frei Die anwaltliche Selbstverwaltung/ Independent and Free the self-regulation of the legal profession
Welcome to the Continuing Legal Education Association of Australasia (CLEAA) Website.
What is CPD?
What is reflective learning?
Where are we at? An empirical study of levels and methods of evaluating continuing professional development
Workplace-Focused Learning: Perspective on Continuing Professional Education and Human Resource Development
Your Guide to our Standards for Continuing Professional development.