2012-2013 ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools.
AALS Handbook: Statements of Good Practices. Statement on Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Access to Justice: An Agenda for Legal Education and Research
Accessing the Legal Playing Field: Examining the Race-Conscious Affirmative Action Legal Debate through the Eyes of the Council of Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) Program
Accreditation Overview
Affirmative Actions
Allow Anyone to Take the Bar Exam - Room for Debate
American Legal Education: An Agenda for Research and Reform
American Legal Education: Reflections in the Light of Ormrod
American legal education: yesterday and today
American Legal Theory and American Legal Education: A Snake Swallowing It''s Tail?
Barbariabns at the Bar: Regulation of the Legal Profession through the Adnmissions Process
Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Law Faculty. Symposium: The Future of Legal Education
Beyond Comparative law: American Legal Education and Europe
Born to be Wild: The "Trans-systemic" Programme at McGill and the De-Nationalization of Legal Education
Bring Back Apprenticeships
Commission votes down pro bono reporting
Distinguishing Canadian Professional Bodies
Diversity in Legal Education: A Broader View, A Deeper Commitment
Does legal education have undermining effects on law students? Evaluating changes in motivation, values, and well-being
Donald schon, the reflective practitioner and the comparative failures of legal education
Educating Lawyers: Preparation for the Profession of Law
Elites, Social Movements, and the Law: The Case of Affirmative Action
Employment equity, affirmative action and managing diversity: assessing the differences
Enhance, Don''t Change the Law School Model - Room for Debate - NYTimes.com
Ensuring a Multicultural Educational Experience in Legal Education: Start with the Legal Writing Classroom
Examining Institutional Barriers that Impede Access to Legal Education
Expanding the role of paralegals: the profitable paralegal
Experiencing discrimination: race and retention in America''s largest law firms
Foreword: In Defense of the Antidiscrimination Principle
Freeriders and Diversity in the Legal Academy: A New Dirty Dozen List?
From affirmative action to affirming diversity
From the Chairperson
Future of the Legal Industry Study Generates Questions about the Effectiveness of Legal Education
Goal III report the state of racial and ethnic diversity in the American Bar Association
History of the American Bar Association
How "vocational" do law schools want to be? A brief comparison of England and the US
How affirmative action became diversity management
How do Lawyers REALLY Learn to Practice Law?
Importance of Student and Faculty Diversity in Law Schools: One Dean''s Perspective. The Symposium: The Future of Legal Education
Is Law School a Losing Game?
Is more truly merrier? Mentoring and the practice of law
Is There a Correlation Between Law Professor Publication Counts, Law Review Citation Counts, and Teaching Evaluations? An Empirical Study
Kutak Panel Report: No mandatory pro bono
Laboring in the vineyards of equality: Promoting diversity in legal education through affirmative action
Law Job Stagnation May Have Started Before the Recession--And It May Be a Sign of Lasting Change
Law School Economics - Job Market Weakens, Tuition Rises
Legal Education and Professional Development: An Educational Continuum
Legal Education and Public Policy
Legal Education Reform, Diversity, and Access to Justice
Legal Education Statistics from ABA-Approved Law Schools
Legal Education: Professional Interests and Public Values
Minority Admissions to Law School: More Trouble Ahead, and Two Solutions
Misues of the LSAT: Discrimination against Blacks and Other Minorities in Law School Admissions, The
Misuse and Abuse of the LSAT: Making the Case for Alternative Evaluative Efforts and a Redefinition of Merit
Misuse of the Law School Admissions Test, Racial Discrimination, and the De Facto Quota System for Restricting African-American Access to the Legal Profession
Narrowing the Gap by Narrowing the Field: What''s Missing from the MacCrate Report–Of Skills, Legal Science and Being a Human Being
National Admission Standards Project: National Entry to Practice Competency Profile for Lawyers and Quebec Notaries
National Admission Standards Project: Phase One Report
National Entry to Practice Competency Profile Validation Survey Report
Not Enough Lawyers?
NYS Bar Exam Statistics
On Legal Education and Reform: One View formed from Diverse Perspectives
Paralegal Core Competencies
Paralegal Groups concerned about regulation and accreditation
Perspectives on the internationalisation of legal education
Political Economy of Recognition: Affirmative Action Discourse and Constitutional Equality in Germany and the USA, The
Political Structures, Social Diversity, and Public Policy: Comparing Mandatory Education in Canada and the United States
Portia Denied: Unmasking Gender Bias on the LSAT and Its Relationship to Racial Diversity in Legal Education
Post-JD and non-JD
Practicing Theory: Legal Education for the Twenty-First Century
Preparing for Law School
Presidents'' Messages: Progress in Leadership and Diversity
Progress for whose future? The impact of the Flexner Report on medical education for racial and ethnic minority physicians in the United States
Progress Report: Women and People of Color in Legal Education and the Legal Profession
Race... to the Top, Again: Comments on the Genealogy of Critical Race Theory
Re-calibrating, re-visioning and re-thinking self-regulation in Canada
Recreating the Law School to Increase Minority Participation: The Conceptual Law School
Reduce Credit Requirements for Law School - Room for Debate
Reflections on Class in American Legal Education
Reflections on US law curricular reform
Report of the Outcome Measures Committee
Report of The Task Force on Law Schools and the Profession: Narrowing the Gap (MacCrate Report)
Report to Convocation, Paralegal Standing Committee
Research on law Students: An Annotated Bibliography
Response to the Consultation Paper of the Task Force on the Canadian Common Law Degree of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, Canadian Association of Law Teachers/Canadian Law and Society Association
Retargeting Affirmative Action: A Program to Serve Those Most Harmed by Past Racism and Avoid Intractable Problems Triggered by Per Se Racial Preferences
Rhetoric and Realities: What independence of the Bar Requires of Lawyer Regulation
Seven Principles: Increasing Access to Law School among Students of Color
Student Engagement in Law School: In clas and beyond. Annual Survey Results 2010
Student Success: What Research Suggests for Policy and Practice
Students as stakeholders in legal education: Gaining admission to law school
Task Force on the Canadian Common Law Degree: Final Report
Task Force on the Future of Legal Education
The Dichotomy between Standards and Rules: A New Way of Understanding the Differences in Perceptions of Lawyer Codes of Conduct by US and Foreign Lawyers, The
The Educational Pipeline to Law School–Too Broken and Too Narrow to Provide Diversity
The Exclusion of Race from Mandated Continuing Legal Education Requirements: A Critical Race Theory Analysis
The Flexner Report and the Reed Report: Notes on the History of Professional Education in the United States.
The Future Training of Lawyers: The ABA and the Law Schools
The Importance of Law School - Room for Debate - NYTimes.com
The MIT School of Law: A Perspective on Legal Education in the 21st Century
The over-education of American lawyers: an economic and ethical analysis of the requirements for practicing law in the United States
The Return of the Apprentice New Lawyer Training Models for the 21st Century
The Right Preparation for Lawyer-Citizens - Room for Debate - NYTimes.com
The Rise of Indirect Affirmative Action: Converging Strategies for Promoting “Diversity” in Selective Institutions of Higher Education in the United States and France
The Role of a Law School Dean: Balancing a Variety of Roles and Interests. The American University Washington College of Law Experience
The Roosevelt-Cardozo Way: The Case for Bar Eligibility After Two Years of Law School
The Vanishing American Lawyer
The Variable Value of US Legal Education in the Global Legal Services Market
The Viability of the Law Degree: Cost, Value, and Intrinsic Worth
Three Years in Law School, Spent Better - Room for Debate
Transsystemic Teaching of Law at McGill: "Radical Changes, Old and New Hats"
Understanding the Negative Effects of Legal Education on Law Students: A Longitudinal Test of Self-Determination Theory
Values in Canadian legal education
Viability of the Law Degree: Cost, Value, and Intrinsic Worth, The
What Is Affirmative Action
What judges think of the quality of legal representation
When Victory Masks Retreat: The LSAT, Constitutional Dualism, and the End of Diversity
White privilege and affirmative action
Wisconsin''s Attempt to Establish Mandatory Paralegal Regulation Fails
Work Commitment in the Legal Profession: a study of Baby Boomers and Generation Xers