''Quality, Values and Standards: The Future Legal Landscape'',keynote address to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Conference on Quality, Values and Standards, Warwick University, 29 October 2009
10 Highlights from the 2012 Tracker Survey
2012 Chief Legal Officer Survey An Altman Weil Flash Survey
A Jurisprudence of Lawyers’ Operations
A New Dawn: Lessons for Law firm management in the post-crisis world
A perspective on the legal market
A Time of Change: Solicitors’ Firms in England and Wales
ABSolutely Fabulous - A study of Alternative Business Structures and their role in a changing legal market
Access to justice, legal education, and 21st century legal service. Bracton Law Lecture, University of Exeter, 30 November 2011.
Access to legal work experience and its role in the (re) production of legal professional identity
Annual report and accounts
APIL Certificate in Personal Injury Law
Apprenticeship framework: Legal Services (England)
Apprenticeship framework: Legal Services (England)
Are lawyers early adopters: a study identifying how lawyers use technology
Assessing the European Market for Legal Services: Development in the Free Movement of Lawyers in the European Union
Assuring Competence in a Changing Legal Services Market – The New Regulatory Context. Paper to the LETR Symposium
Attitudes to regulation and compliance in legal services. 2011 Research Findings
Bar Barometer 2012: Trends in the profile of the Bar
Barristers'' Clerks: The Law''s Middlemen
Barristers’ Working Lives: A Biennial Survey of the Bar 2011
Baseline survey to assess the impact of legal services reform
Benchmarking Report 1156
Business models in legal services: the meaning of business model
Case Studies: England and Wales: Lawyers and Licensed Conveyancers System
CCBE Guidelines on the Use of Cloud Computing Services by Lawyers
CCBE Recommendation on Training Outcomes for European Lawyers
Changing Fortunes: Results from a Randomized Trial of the Offer of Debt Advice in England and Wales
Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer Qualifications
Children Law Accreditation Scheme
Civil and Commercial Mediation Accreditation Scheme
CLC welcomes new ''Quality Assured'' initiative
Client Care for Lawyers: An Analysis and Guide
Client loyalty and defection in the corporate legal industry
Clinical Negligence Accreditation Scheme
Codes of Corporate Conduct: Expanded Review of Their Contents
Complaints against Solicitors: The Complainant’s View. Law Society RPPU Research Study No 19
Consumer attitudes towards the purchase of legal services: An overview of SRA research findings
Consumer experiences of complaint handling in the legal services market – first-tier complainants
Consumer Impact Report 2011
Consumer Impact Report 2012
Core Competencies
Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme
Debating the quality of legal services: Differing models of the good lawyer
Developing Measures of Consumer Outcomes for Legal Services
Direct Access to Barristers: a survey of market views and needs
Do Citizens Know How to Deal with Legal Issues? Some Empirical Insights
Doing Business: The Management of Uncertainty in Lawyers'' Work
Education, Training and Development for Solicitors: The Way Ahead
Employment and Skills within the UK Justice sector: Workforce needs, skills priorities and scenarios
English lawyers between market and state: the politics of professionalism
Entry to the Bar Working Party. Final Report.
Evaluation of the Public Defender Service in England and Wales
Exploring the Limits to the Standardization of the Expert Knowledge of Lawyers: Quality and Legal Aid Reforms in the United Kingdom
Extending Richness and Reach: Empirical Evidence from Public Access Web sites of UK Legal Practices
Family Law Accreditation Scheme
Final Report - Identification, Development and Validation of Predictors for Successful Lawyering
From kinship to magic circle: the London commercial law firm in the twentieth century
Future of Legal Services: or the Future is Now
General Counsel with Power?
Globalization and the U.S. Market in Legal Services - Shifting Identities
Goodbye to all that
Government Lawyers: Expertise, Invovlement and Professionalism
Guidance [on qualifying employment]
Guidance on Competence
Heterogeneity in Professional Service Firms
Higher Apprenticeship in Legal Services: Stakeholder Consultation
HiiL Law of the Future Conference 2011
Immigration and Asylum Law Accreditation Scheme
In Whose Interest? Annual Report of the Legal Services Ombudsman for England and Wales 2003/2004
Individual accreditation
Information For Applicants To Be Registered As A Student With CLC
Innovations in Regulation - responding to a changing legal servcies market
Key facts about the solicitors’ profession in Wales
Latest figures reveal that school background does not influence performance in LNAT.
Law Firm Strategy: Competitive Advantage and Valuation
Law Firms in Transition 2012: An Altman Weil Flash Survey
Law Society Accreditation Schemes Application Criteria and Guidance Notes
Law Society Family Mediation Scheme developments
Law Society Market Analysis 2012: Main stories from the research reports
Lawyers and Clients: The First Meeting
Lawyers and the legal system: a critique of legal services in England and Wales: a report
Lawyers-the quality agenda vol. 1 Assessing and developing competence and quality in legal aid
Leadership for Law Firms: after the Legal Services Act
Legal Advice 2009
Legal Advice for Small Businesses
Legal Advocacy: Lawyers and Nonlawyers at Work
Legal aid and the decline of private practice: blue murder or toxic job?
Legal executives and the phantom of legal professionalism: The rise and rise of the third branch of the legal profession?
Legal Secretaries Diploma
Legal Services Benchmarking. Report 11516
Legal Services Board: Developing measures of consumer outcomes for legal services
Legal Services Consultation
LETR Briefing Paper 2/2012: Future Workforce demand in the Legal Services sector
Liberalisation of legal services in Europe: progress and prospects
Looking Glass Report 2012: The Legal World on its future
Making a Difference? Legal Representation in Employment Tribunal Cases: Evidence from a Survey of Representatives
Making Legal Rights a Reality in Wales
Making sense of law firms: strategy, structure, and ownership
Managing the Modern Law Firm: New Challenges, new Perspectives
Map of the Legal Services Market: A compendium of published information on legal services in England & Wales Part 1: Supply
Map of the Legal Services Market: A compendium of published information on legal services in England & Wales Part 2: Demand
Market Impacts of the Legal Services Act 2007: Baseline Report (Final) 2012
Market impacts of the Legal Services Act – 2012 Final Baseline Report
Measuring the Quality of Legal Services: An Idea Whose Time has Not Come
Mental Health Accreditation Scheme
Multi-disciplinary Professional Practice: Recent Developments and Attitudes of Accounting and Legal Practitioners
Multiple Justiciable Problems: Common Clusters and Their Social and Demographic Indicators
Multiple Justiciable Problems: Common Clusters and Their Social and Demographic Indicators
National Audit Office: Solicitor Survey for criminal legal aid. Results Summary
On the Consequences of Defensive Professionalism: Recent Changes in the Legal Labour Process
Partners with power: the social transformation of the large law firm
Paths to Justice: What People Do and Think About Going to Law
Perceptions of Barristers
Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme
Piecing it together: Exploring One-Stop Shop Legal Service Delivery in Community Legal Advice Centres
Planning Law
Practice and Privilege: Social Change and the Structure of Large Law Firms
Practicing Lawyers and Professional Legal Competence - An Articulation Episode
Predicting lawyer effectiveness: Broadening the basis for law school admission decisions
Professional Competence as Ways of Being: An Existential Ontological Perspective
Professional Competence Peer Review and Quality Assurance in England and Wales and in Scotland
Professional Services Higher Apprenticeship (England)
Property in knowledge work: an appropriation-learning perspective
Provocations and Perspectives (A working paper submitted to the UK CLE Research Consortium)
Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) Research
Qualifying Employment
Quality in Legal Services
Queen’s Counsel for England and Wales 2011-2012 Guidance for applicants
Re: Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill
Referral Arrangements
Reinserting the professional into the study of globalizing professional service firms: the case of law
Research Issues In The Evaluation of The Quality of Professional Services: The Case of Legal Services
Research on Consumers’ Attitudes towards the Purchase of Legal Services. A research report for: Solicitors Regulation Authority
Reserved Legal Activities: History and Rationale
Response: Time to Collaborate on Lawyer Development
Review of quality issues in legal advice: measuring and costing quality in asylum work
Review of quality issues in legal advice: measuring and costing quality in asylum work. Executive Summary
Royal Commission on Legal Services. Final Report. Benson Report
Scenario planning for the legal services industry in England and Wales, 2025: How the scenarios were developed
Search for Good Lawyering: A Concept and Model of Lawyering Competencies
Second consultation on a new training framework for solicitors
Service quality in the legal profession: a review
Shopping Around: What consumers want form the new legal services market
Shopping Around: What consumers want from the new legal services market
Social Exclusion and Civil Law: Experience of Civil Justice Problems among Vulnerable Groups
Solicitors and Customer Care
Solicitors and Their Skills: A Study of the Viability of Different Research Methods for Collating and Categorising the Skills Solicitors Utilise in Their Professional Work
Solicitors to be freed from red tape for a ‘grown-up relationship’ with regulator
Special Committee on the Impact of Law School Debt on the Delivery of Legal Services. Final Report and Recommendations.
State of the Legal Industry Survey
Statement of standards for solicitor higher court advocates
STEP qualified practitioner
Straight there, no detours: direct access to barristers
Strategy for Law Firms After the Legal Services Act
Supply Chains and Porous Boundaries: The Disaggregation of Legal Services
Supply side substitution
Technological choices of CCBE in the electronic identification of EU lawyers
Territorial justice and access to knowledge: the distribution of high-level legal skills in the regions of England and Wales
The ACL Modular Training Course
The Big Bang report Opportunities and Threats in the new legal services market
The Changing Organizational Context of Professional Work
The Crown Prosecution Service National Standards of Advocacy
The Embedded Nature of Rural Legal Services: Sustaining Service Provision in Wales
The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the nature of legal services
The Evolution of Government Policy on Widening Participation
The Future of Apprenticeships in England. Next Steps from the Richard Review consultation
The Future of Legal Services Emerging Thinking
The Future of Legal Services: Putting Consumers First
The global restructuring of legal services work? A study of the internationalisation of Australian law firms
The ILFM Diploma and Associate courses.
The impact of competition on pricing and quality of legal services
The Kutak Commission Report: Restrospect and prospect
The Legal Profession in the United States and Australia: Deprofessionalization or Reorganization?
The Legal Services Consultative Panel and publication of advice
The Legal Services Market in 2025: Scenario Planning
The Legal Services Market: The Race is on: Externalisation and Consolidation in 2012
The marketing practices-performance relationship in professional service firms
The Next Generation of Legal Project Managers
The Practice turn in contemporary theory
The price of law: How the market for lawyers distorts the justice system
The Quality of Legal Services: Report prepared by Vanilla Research for the Legal Services Consumer Panel,
The Reconstructed Professional Firm: A Reappraisal of Ackroyd and Muzio (2007)
The Reconstructed Professional Firm: Explaining Change in English Legal Practices
The Regulation of Legal Services: What is the Case for Reservation?
The Richard Review of Apprenticeships
The Role of Comforting Skill and Professional Competence in the Attorney-Client Relationship
The Selection and Retention of Law firms in Western Europe
The third way
The Value of "Thinking like a Lawyer"
Three Generations of U.S. Lawyers: Generalists, Specialists, Project Managers
To Lawyer or Not to Lawyer: Is that the Question?
Tomorrow''s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future
Tracker Survey 2011
Trends in NQ retention in 2011
Trends in the Solicitors Profession. Annual Statistical Report 2009.
Trends in the solicitors’ profession. Annual statistical report 2011
UK Legal Services Market: a sudden transformation or gradual transition?
Understanding Resilience
Understanding solicitor firms
Understanding the supply of legal services by ‘special bodies’
Valuing What Clients Think: Standardized Clients and the Assessment of Communicative Competence
Voluntary Quality Schemes in Legal Services
What Is a Professional Service Firm? Toward a Theory and Taxonomy of Knowledge-Intensive Firms
What Lawyers Know: Lawyering Expertise, Cognitive Science, and the Functions of Theory
Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas: Inspirational Ideas for Lawyers Wanting More Out of Life
Will there Be fallout from Clementi? The global repercussions for the legal profession after the UK Legal Services Act 2007
Winners and Losers in the Globalization of Legal Services: Situating the Market for Foreign Lawyers
Work Intensification and Employment Insecurity in Professional Work. Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, Working Paper No. 345
Working Towards the Resilient Lawyer: Early Law School Strategies
Young Associates in Trouble