Admission as Solicitor (Scotland) Regulations 2001
Constructing a new university tradition: the curious emergence of ‘democratic intellectualism’ as the distinctive mark of the Scottish universities in the nineteenth century
Continuing Professional Development Regulations 2010
CPD Requirements and Guidance for Scottish Solicitors
Education and Training Policy
Enhancement-led institutional review handbook: Scotland (Second edition)
Enhancement-led institutional review handbook: Scotland (Second edition)
Exploring the contribution of workplace learning to an HRD strategy in the Scottish Legal Profession
Foundation Programme (Scottish Exempting Degree): Accreditation Guidelines For Applicants
Ideas and ideals in university reform in early nineteenth‐century Britain: A Scottish perspective
Law Society of Scotland Registered Paralegal Scheme: Scheme of Operation.
Professional Education And Training Stage 1 – PEAT 1 Accreditation Guidelines For Applicants
Professional legal education in Scotland
Protocol for managing potential risks to quality and academic standards
Qualify as a Paralegal
Regulations as to Intrants
Scottish higher education policy and funding
Test of Professional Competence. First Pilot Examination: Report.
Test of Professional Competence. Second Pilot Examination: Report.
The experiences of Ethnic Minority Background Solicitors in Scotland
The Future of Higher Education in Scotland: a response to the Scottish Government’s Green Paper. Advice Paper (11-03)
The PEAT 2 Outcomes
Training a Trainee
Women in the Legal Profession in Scotland
‘Tell me what you want, what you really, really want’: spicing up legal education in Scotland