A New, Fit-for Purpose Regulatory Framework for the Higher Education Sector
A prospectus from the FSA: Its approach to regulation
A Review of Occupational Regulation and its Impact
A Separate Legal Jurisdiction for Wales (Number: WG-15109)
A seventh version SRA Handbook
A Summary of Consultation Responses (Number: WG-16277). A Separate Legal Jurisdiction for Wales
A Time for Change. Report of the Committee on the Future of the Legal Profession. [Marre Report]
Academic regulation in UK higher education: part II-typologies and frameworks for discourse and strategic change
Access to Justice for Litigants in Person (or self-represented litigants)
Accreditation of prior learning (APL)
Activity Based Regulation versus Professional Identity: Some thoughts on the LSCPs thoughts on…
Addressing the risk, reading the landscape: The role of agency in regulation
Alternatives to State Regulation
An Integrative Model of Organizational Trust
Annual Review for the year ended 31 December 2010
Approved list of Exemptions from 1 September 2012
Are law firms manageable?
Aspects of regulatory reform in the legal profession: Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands
Bar Professional Training Course: Course Specification Requirements and Guidance
Bar Standards Board Consultation Paper: New Handbook and Entity Regulation
Bar Training Regulations 2011
Bar Training Regulations 2012
BPTC Handbook
Breaking up is hard to do: the futuer of UK financial regulation?
BSB Academic Stage Regulations
BSB New Handbook and Entity Regulation & Supervision and Enforcement: Consultation Report
BSB Pupillage Handbook
Burton Pupillage Working Group: First Interim Report with Recommendations for Urgent Action
Claims Management Regulation Annual Report 2011/2012
Code of Conduct for Institute of Barristers’ Clerks
Comment on the Joint Academic Stage Board (JASB) Guidance
Commission on Devolution in Wales (Silk Commission)
Common Professional Examination rules-CPE Rules
Common Professional Examination rules—entry requirements
Comparing Qualifications Levels
Competition in Professions
Competition in professions - 10 years on
Completing the Academic Stage of Training Guidance for Providers of Recognised Law Programmes
Compliance with CPD Regulations - Guidance Notes (Jan 2010)
Constitutionalising Self-Regulation
Consultation on Replacement of the CIPA Higher Courts Qualification Regulations and the ITMA Trade Mark Litigator and Trade Mark Advocate Certificate Regulations
Contemporary challenges to the German vocational training system
Controlling the new media: hybrid responses to new forms of power
Conveyancing Quality Scheme
Conveyancing Review: Thematic review and recommendations relating to the regulation of conveyancing in England and Wales
Critical Reflections on Regulation
Decentring regulation: understanding the role of regulation and self regulation in a "post-regulatory" world.
Delivering Outcomes-focused Regulation: Policy Statement, November 2010
Draft Scheme Handbook
Economic Research into Regulatory Restrictions in the Legal Profession
Educating Professionals and Professional Education in a Geographical Context
Enhancing Consumer Protection, reducing regulatory restrictions
Escaping the Regulatory Net: Why Regulatory Reform Can Fail Consumers*
Financial intermediation in the securities markets law and economics of conduct of business regulation
Financial regulation: a perspective from the United Kingdom
Financial services and consumer protection after the crisis
Find a CILEx Lawyer study centre
First Interim Report with Recommendations for Urgent Action
First Tier Complaints Handling
Flowchart to qualification
Free movement of law students and lawyers in the EU: a comparison of English, German and Greek legislation
From Ethics to Regulation: The Re-Organization and Re-Professionalization of Large Law Firms in the 21st Century
Full Regulatory Impact Assessment for Implementing Section 55 of the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 to open up the market for the provision of probate services.
Future Structure and Regulation of Law Practice: Confronting Lies, Fictions, and False Paradigms in Legal Ethics Regulation, The
Higher Education: Education (Student Loans) (Repayment) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2012: equality impact assessment
How the Legal Services Act 2007 has affected regulation of the Bar
How to Become a Member. IPW.
Incorporated Legal Practices: Dragging the Regulation of the Legal Profession into the Modern Era
Index of codes,Code of All Codes
Institutional structure of financial regulation and supervision: The basic issues
Institutionalising Trust: Ethics and the Responsive Regulation of the Legal Profession
Institutionalizing fairness in financial markets: Mission impossible?
IPReg Information Bulletin: Entry into Force of New Qualification Regime for Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney Litigators
Joint Academic Stage Board Handbook
Joint Advocacy Group consultation on regulatory changes to support the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (Crime)
Lawyers, Clients, and Professional Regulation
Legal Developments and Problems of the Bologna Process within the European Higher Education Area and European Integration
Legal education and Bologna: a British perspective
Legal Education and Training and its Interaction with Regulation. Paper to the LETR Symposium
Legal Practice Courses (LPC): Outcomes
LEXCEL Practice Management Standard (v5)
Managerialism and the academic profession: The case of England
Managing the Modern Law Firm: New Challenges, New Perspectives
Managing the Professional Service Firm
Mapping Potential Consumer Confusion in a Changing Legal Market
Measuring the impact of outcomes-focused regulation (OFR) on firms
Membership Byelaws 2011
Membership Requirement Regulations
Notaries (Qualification) Rules 1998
Organising regulatory space
Origins and Evolution: Drafters Relfect upon the Uniform Commercial Code–Foreword
Outcomes-focused regulation: a practical guide
Paralegal Regulation by State
Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney Qualification and Registration Regulations [2009].
Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney Registered Bodies Regulations
Practice Management Guidelines
Professional discipline for incompetent lawyers? Developments in the UK and Australia
Professional Occupations in the UK and Europe: Legitimation and Governmentality
Professional Standards Regulation
Professional, statutory and regulatory bodies: an exploration of their engagement with higher education
Professionalism, Organizations, and Compliance
Providing a Framework for Reforming the Legal Profession: Insights from the European Experience
Public Access Scheme Recognition as an approved training provider for the Public Access Course
Pupillage Handbook
Putting Consumer and Public Interests at the Heart of Legal Services Regulation. Final Business Plan 2011/12
Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme Outcomes
Quality Control: Why regulations are likely to increase their focus on continuing professional development
Really Responsive Risk-Based Regulation
Regulated (Self-)Regulation: A New Paradigm for Controlling the Professions?
Regulating a reluctant profession: Holding solicitors to account
Regulating everything
Regulating for Risk
Regulating Law Firm Ethics Management: An Empirical Assessment of an Innovation in Regulation of the Legal Profession in New South Wales
Regulating Legal Competence
Regulating Legal Services: Time for the Big Bang?
Regulating the market for legal services in England: Enforced separation of function and restrictions on forms of enterprise
Regulating will-writing
Regulation and quality improvement. A review of the evidence. Executive summary
Regulation of the legal profession
Regulation of the legal profession and access to law
Regulation of the professions in the US and Europe: A comparative analysis
Regulation on the European qualifying examination for professional representatives
Regulation through titling laws: A case study of occupational regulation
Regulations and Guidance for Qualified Lawyers intending to transfer to practise at the Bar of England and Wales
Regulations for the Examinations For the Registration of Patent Agents & Trade Mark Agents 1991 (as amended)
Regulations for the Examinations For the Registration of Patent Agents & Trade Mark Agents 1991 (as amended) Transitional Provisions
Regulations for the Examinations: For the Registration of Patent Agents & Trade Mark Agents 1991 (as amended)
Regulatory Choice for Alternative Modes of Regulation: How Context Matters
Regulatory intermediation and quality assurance in higher education: the case of the auditors
Regulatory Performance Survey: Winter 2012-2013
Regulator’s ‘light touch’ led to failure.
Report of the Review of the Regulatory Framework for Legal Services in England and Wales
Resolution on training for lawyers in the European Union - Andorra
Rethinking barriers to legal practice
Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Final Report
Review of the APLEC and LACC Competency Standards for Entry-Level lawyers: Discussion Paper prepared by the APLEC Executive
Review: An Economic Analysis of Regulation: One View of the Cathedral
Rights of Audience Draft certification Rules
Rights, responsibilities and regulation of international business
Risk and blame: essays in cultural theory
Rules for the Examination and Admission of Individuals to the Registers of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys 2011.
Rules of Conduct for Patent Attorneys, trade mark Attorneys and Other Regulated Persons
Spontaneous accountability
SRA Handbook
SRA Practice Framework Rules 2011
SRA Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme Regulations 2011
SRA Training Regulations 2011 - Part 1 Qualification Regs
SRA Training Regulations 2011 Part 3 - CPD Regulations
Stand-out students – how LNAT is putting law students on a more even playing field.
Standard-Setting in Regulatory Regimes
Standards of competence for the accreditation of solicitors and representatives advising at the police station
Study to provide an Inventory of Reserves of Activities linked to professional qualifications requirements in 13 EU Member States and assessing their economic impact (Final Report)
Subject benchmark satatement: Law
The Appeal to "professionalism" as a disciplinary Mechanism
The Bar Training Regulations
The Crystallization of Regulatory Norms
The demise of professional self-regulation? Evidence from the "ideal type" professions of medicine and law
The Educational Role of Professional Regulatory Bodies: A Position Statement by the UK Inter-Professional Group
The Effectiveness of Representation at Tribunals: Report to the Lord Chancellor
The European single market and the regulation of the legal profession: an economic analysis
The evolution of regulatory relationships; regulatory institutions and firm behaviour in privatized industries
The FSA''s ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ (TCF) Initiative: What is So Good About It and Why It May Not Work
The Future Regulation of the Legal Profession: The Impact of Treating the Legal Profession as “Service Providers”
The Government of Risk: Understanding Risk Regulation Regimes
The Hunt Review of the Regulation of Legal Services
The Impact of the New Training Scheme: Report on a Qualitative Study
The influence of global business regulation: beyond good corporate conduct
The Madoff Scandal, Market Regulatory Failure and the Business Education of Lawyers
The Open Corporation: Effective Self-regulation and Democracy
The Public Access Scheme, Guidance for lay client
The regulatory objectives: Legal Services Act 2007
The Shadows of the Law: Contemporary Approaches to Regulation and the Problem of Regulatory Conflict
The smaller approved regulators, an assessment of their capacity and capability to meet the requirements of the Legal Services Act 2007, with analysis and recommendations
The Trajectory of Regulatory Reform in the UK in the Wake of the Financial Crisis
The Turner Review: A Regulatory Response to the Global Banking Crisis
Themes and trends in regulatory reform: ninth report of session 2008-09, [Vol. 1]: [Report, together with formal minutes]
Theorizing change: The role of professional associations in the transformation of institutionalized fields.
Third-party time
Top private school summoned by BSB over pupillage auction
Trade Mark Administrators’ Course.
Training trainee solicitors. Guidelines on monitoring of training contracts
Training. Institute of Professional Willwriters.
Transferring Qualified Lawyers Panel Criteria and Guidelines
Transnational regulation of professional services: Governance dynamics of field level organizational change
Trust in Risk Management: A Model-Based Review of Empirical Research
Understanding the economic rationale for legal services regulation - a collection of essays
Understanding the economic rationale for legal services regulation: A report for the Legal Services Board
What is the objective of professional licensing? Evidence from the US market for lawyers
What We Don''t Know Can Hurt Us: The Need for Empirical Research in Regulating Lawyers and Legal Services in the Global Economy
Work-Based Learning pilot: Handbook for all participants (Version 1.4)
Written standards for the conduct of professional work