The research team extends its profound thanks to all those who have given up time and resource to assist in the review. Our particular thanks go to Dame Janet Gaymer and Sir Mark Potter, Co-Chairs of the LETR Consultation Steering Panel, for their excellent support and advice throughout the research phase, and to the members of the CSP who were an invaluable resource and sounding board during the project. We also express our sincere gratitude to the members of the Review Executive representing the BSB, IPS and SRA, and to Tracey Varnava and colleagues within the SRA Education and Training Department for their support and assistance. Thanks are also due to our respective university colleagues and heads for their support and forbearance during the gestation of this report. With our apologies to any we have inadvertently missed from the list in Appendix A, and to those whose identities, for sound research reasons or at their request, we keep anonymous, we are indebted to all the participants who made this research possible.