6.1     The structural and process changes in Chapter 5, and the other developments in this report, will need to be implemented in concert with the changes in regulation mandated by the LSA 2007. The regulatory objectives of the LSA 2007 play a critical role in setting the future scope of regulation of LSET, which will also need to be determined on a risk basis. This chapter focuses on four key areas where there could be specific risks in meeting the regulatory objectives:

  • the need to ensure fair access to LSET;
  • the need to ensure that legal professionals will continue to be competent throughout their practising careers;
  • the question whether to extend regulation into paralegal and currently unregulated work;
  • the importance of addressing information needs for prospective students, potential employers, and prospective clients.

The chapter concludes by linking these to a number of collaborative, structural, initiatives that are intended to support cultural change in the future regulation of LSET.