2.1     A primary task for the LETR research phase is to identify the fundamental challenges facing LSET in the early part of the 21st century, and from there to consider what changes may be necessary. The context of the research has two dimensions: the current system of legal services education itself, addressed in this chapter and the developments in the environment within which LSET must continue to operate, addressed in Chapter 3.

2.2     This chapter sets out:

  • to explain the basic mechanics of the main routes to qualification in the Anglo-Welsh system;
  • to identify those features or characteristics of the current system that are valued and required by the sector, and
  • to identify key perceived strengths and weaknesses of the system as it currently stands.

2.3     The chapter then concludes by drawing together the key points emerging from the research data sources as a basis for the discussion of the problems and potential solutions in later chapters.